Dead ain’t gone, and gone ain’t dead.

Finally got some news from Scrybe Press. The books I need for the Full Circle Bookstore signing will be sent tomorrow, according to the publisher. Seven Days in Benevolence is now slated to go to the printer on Nov. 22. If there are no problems, the limited hardcover of Shara also will go to the printer on the 22nd. Let’s hope it all works out.

Then I can start nagging about Ulrik seeing print. haha

So, did you see Sir Elton John talking about religion. In a Reuters story, he said he’d ban all organized religion. Interestingly, the only religion he referred to specifically was Christianity. One line was particularly funny: “The reality is that organized religion doesn’t seem to work.” Yeah, that’s why organized religions have been around since the dawn of man. What he meant to say was, simply, that organized religions don’t condone homosexuality. He said, “Religion has always tried to turn hatred toward gay people. It turns people into hateful lemmings and it is not really compassionate.” Sure, Elton, every Christian is just like Pat Robertson.

I hope, when I’m rich and famous, people ignore the stupid things I say. I don’t want them to become news stories.

In real news, what was up with football this weekend? A big shake-up in the BCS yesterday, then far too many of the teams I picked to win went and lost this weekend. Including the Vikings. Gah! When will Minnesota find an offense? At least Oklahoma beat Texas Tech yesterday … and Texas went down to Kansas State!

Edits are about done on Little Graveyard on the Prairie. I was a little concerned a line of repeated dialogue from the story might have been subconsciously lifted from Stephen King, but expert sources tell me no. The line is the subject line of this entry.

2 responses to “Dead ain’t gone, and gone ain’t dead.”

  1. That’s got to be a relief about Scrybe. After my Broken Umbrella Press ecxperiences, I feel your pain.
    I promise to ignore what you say when you get famous.

  2. “I hope, when I’m rich and famous, people ignore the stupid things I say.”
    Should I start now? (Or… did I already start years ago? Hmmmm…)
    “When will Minnesota find an offense?”
    When Elton John decides religion is cool.

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