Forgive me, father, for I have sinned

I don’t know what I did. And I’m not Catholic, but I’m hoping confession will make the coming penance more palatable. You see, my 11-year-old daughter, Sara, has moved on from Hilary Duff and now listens to some little boy named Teddy Geiger. Amanda, my four-year-old daughter, informed me yesterday that both she and Sara have a crush on “Teddy Tiger.”

Yes, I’m disgusted that my oldest daughter has reached such an age that she’s listening to the modern equivalent of Shaun Cassidy. But I knew that was inevitable. That isn’t the penance.

“Teddy Tiger” will be in concert in OKC on July 15. That’s a couple of days after we’re taking Alex to see Rob Zombie, so there’s really almost no chance of wriggling out of having to take Sara to see this doe-eyed, messy-haired kid who’s making her have thoughts my little girl should never have. And, since Kim endured the Hilary Duff concert a year or so back, she has deemed I have to suffer through this one.

The Charlie Daniels Band also is in concert in OKC that night. So is Jackyl. And Forte. And I’ll spend the day at SoonerCon. But will any of that get me out of this? Nooooooo. Why go see Charlie sing “Long Haired Country Boy” when we can hear Teddy Tiger promise “For You I Will.” Yeah, make eye contact with my baby girl and “For You I Will” plant a boot up yer ass.

Well, enough of that. I don’t want to say anything that will incriminate me when Sara’s future date’s turn up missing their hands.

Speaking of SoonerCon, has anyone heard anything from those folks? Less than two weeks out now and I don’t have a clue about programming, other than I’m part of it. I’m not the only guest author in the dark, either. The Web site says the dealer’s room is sold out, but pretty much all the other updates have to do with gaming.

7 responses to “Forgive me, father, for I have sinned”

  1. Kim’s Going to Owe You Bigtime
    I’m numb just reading this. I don’t want to feel your pain. This is worse than when I took my little brother to see Stryper back in the 80’s. On the upside, I do look forward to stories “inspired” by the experience.
    Forte is doing the reunion thing? Interesting.

    1. Re: Kim’s Going to Owe You Bigtime
      I owe nothing. At the Hilary Duff’n’Stuff “concert” I suffered greatly. I asked my friend if they were selling loaded handguns at the consession stands, because that was the only thing I could think of that might end the pain. Screaming pre-teen girls with lollypop background noise. Although, as I recall, the bassist was kinda cute. What I could see of him through the crowd of little girls and mothers.(or should I say too damn old to be wearing that in public mothers)

      1. Re: Kim’s Going to Owe You Bigtime
        In sickness and in health…

    2. Re: Kim’s Going to Owe You Bigtime
      Ah, I recall the Stryper Tabernacle Choir. With a shudder! Ewwww.
      Yes, I was surprised to see Forte on a bill. I wonder who’ll be singing with them now.
      Oh, and I found an Oliver Magnum business card in a drawer yesterday. It has what I believe to be the phone numbers for Monte’s and Dan’s parents’ homes on it. High school, man. Trippy.

  2. I hope SoonerCon works out for ya’ll. Many of us would’ve liked to have supported both Sooner and Conestoga, but we’re out of state and have had long ties with Conestoga. But we’re all watching it with avid interest to see if another convention manages to survive.

    1. At the moment, I hafta say it ain’t looking good.
      I wonder if Panda*Monium will be on for this year.

      1. Not in 2006. They’re looking to do a one day thing in 2007 and gear up for 2008 – last I talked to Kimber.

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