The cat’s outta the bag. This week at work I confessed to being a writer. With books published. You never know how that’s going to go over with co-workers. “What kind of books?” Horror fiction. Then what do they do? Check your hands for knives? Or claws? Think about closing their office doors more often? Nah. Didn’t really happen this time, but I’m always a little nervous telling co-workers about my little obsession with killing people.

In fiction. hehe

To any ODOTers reading for the first time, I bid you howdy.

Editing on Ulrik must resume! I’ve been stalled out for two weeks as I worked on other projects, including a piece that will go on the new Werewolf Saga Web site. I finished a draft of that last night and turned it over to Paul and Gayleen for critique today. It was a difficult 10 pages, but offers a history for the graphic element that is the new logo for the saga. (The real history is that I paid the uber-talented Deena Warner to create it, but that doesn’t make good fiction.)

Speaking of Gayleen, here’s a big public congratulations to you! Yes, guys, she’s off the market. Other than being a Dallas Cowboys fan, her fiance Ron seems like a real nice guy. And they are quite the couple. She was positively giddy at lunch today.

That’s it for tonight.

One response to “Meow”

  1. I live in terror of having my secret identity found out at my work. Of course I work in a bookstore. In Hollywood. Every other person through the door (no, strike that, that’s only 50% – make it more like 80%) wants to be a writer, or has that “great idea” that they would just love to gift a writer with. I have been known to soundly throunce my fellow employees for letting my true vocation slip (as I am invariably handed some vast manuscript within seconds). *Sigh*…

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