I have books!

Book! I have books!

Copies of Shara arrived in the mail today. ‘Tis a beautiful thing to behold. Kirk’s artwork is even better on the printed cover than in all the electronic images I’ve had. The back cover text is a bit hard to read, but not too bad, and unfortunately it’s the same text as what was on the 3F edition. My fault, really. I should have written something new and sent it to Nathan, and asked him to use Brian Keene’s blurb on the cover somewhere. Oh well.

The book is a little smaller than your average trade paperback, but it’s really a comfortable size, I think. You should buy one and tell me what you think. What? You didn’t really think I’d let an opportunity to pimp a book go unused, did ya?

5 responses to “I have books!”

  1. Excellent news, dude!

    1. I bet you thought I’d forgotten about those review copies, eh? I’ll get those out to you later this week.

  2. I’m looking out my window…
    and PIGS are actually FLYING!! OMG! SHARA in your real live hands! Twas a long road you traveled, sir! Congrats at loooooong last!
    🙂 Angie

    1. Re: I’m looking out my window…
      Ummmmm … flying bacon …
      Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll share some more news with you.

      1. Re: I’m looking out my window…
        mmmmmm, breakfast. Shot you an email. 🙂

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