Busy weekend

Like the picture? Alex asked why I never wear the Hawaiian shirt Kim’s parents got me some time back. So I wore it today. Would have forced him to go walk around the mall with me while I wear the shirt and a straw hat, but Kim took the van to work. No A/C in my old car. These bright colors and … and flowers are getting to me.

So, this weekend I wrote a press release for a guy I work with who has invented a soccer practice device. I also formatted interviews with Don Koish of Necessary Evil Press and Elizabeth Massie for later use in Horror World. I put together the July newsletter for Horror World, too.

And finished the ton of paperwork that goes along with having a story in the Amazon.com Shorts program. That alone took a couple of hours, and I’d already done half of it earlier this week. Oh well. Hopefully the story “One Night in Benevolence” will be a hit in the program.

I used my Father’s Day gift card to buy a new printer/scanner thingy. Now I can post all those embarrassing photos of my wife from our teenage days. Maybe a few of the kids, too. Yeah. hehe

Many, many thanks to everyone for the anniversary wishes the other day!

Now, since none of these kids will do the dishes, I need to do that and cook dinner.

One response to “Busy weekend”

  1. You look decidedly not happy to be wearing that shirt. Me, I’ve got a closet full of those things, though I’ve yet to win the Necon Hawaiian shirt contest.
    Good luck with the Amazon story.

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