Site update

I did a little updating on my main Web site today, putting the cover and some purchase links to Shara on the front page and touching up the front-page info on Darkscapes. Keep in mind that Shara is not yet available at and copies of Darkscapes have not yet arrived at Shocklines’ warehouse. Both places should have those respective titles available later this week, though.

I feel like Darkscapes is really getting the short end of the marketing stick. Originally, Shara was supposed to be out last summer and Darkscapes last winter. Who would have guessed they’d come out within a few weeks of each other in mid-2006? I suppose that’s inevitable when you’re working with more than one publisher. Add to that the fact it’s just hard to market an unthemed, single-author short story collection, and, well … the book hasn’t made much of a splash so far. Maybe that’ll pick up as I take it around to conventions.

Shara, on the other hand, is pretty easy to market. Unlike the unthemed short story collection, a novel is easy to summarize for the reader. Plus, Shara garnered some great blurbs in its original ill-fated version, plus word-of-mouth buzz has been good as I’ve posted publication announcements at various bulletin boards. Almost everyone who’s read it seems to have liked it. Or they just don’t say anything.

Back to Web updates. I also updated the Bibliography page and corrected some dates on my Appearance page. Speaking of which, I hope I’ll add some book store signings on there as Shara becomes available to local stores.

One last thing … be looking for a major visual overhaul of The Werewolf Saga site in the near future. That’s all I’ll say about that for the moment.

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