Shara. Shocklines. Pre-order!

Yes, Shocklines now has Shara available for pre-order. Not just the trade paperback. Matt also has the hardcover available. You can see both by clicking right here. The TPB is going for $14.95 and the hardcover, limited to just 50 signed copies, is priced at $30.

Not sure you want to put out the money? How about some blurbs held over from the original edition to help you decide?

It’s a fresh update on the werewolf mythos that I dug the hell out of.
— Brian Keene, author of The Rising and Terminal

A terse, tense literary throwback to the Universal horror films of the ‘30s and ‘40s, Shara is that rare commodity among horror novels: a book that manages to be both frightening and fun while breathing new life into one of the genre’s oldest tropes. Steven Wedel’s rock-solid debut pegs him as a writer to watch. Especially when the moon is full…
–Gary A. Braunbeck, author of Things Left Behind and The Indifference of Heaven

Shara is an adventuresome, colorful, and compelling horror story that breaks the traditional werewolf rules and offers us a new kind of beast of burden. Here you’ll find believable characters, non-stop action, and cliff-hanging suspense that keeps the narrative gears shifting when you least expect it. Wedel’s smooth prose is vivid, engaging and sharp as a wolf’s claw.
–Tom Piccirilli, author of The Night Class and A Choir of Ill Children

There is incredible depth to this book … there is romance, mystery, action, and even slice-of-life contemporary fiction. Wedel flows between them all with deft ease.
— City Slab magazine

… a haunting wild and beautiful story of a woman’s struggle to survive … Shara is caught between two worlds, where normal existence and love and family seem not an option.
— Blood Rose magazine

[T]he book is easy to read and well-plotted … The characters are likable and the story gripping. But you will need to leave the lights on.
— The Oklahoman

Absolutely refreshing! A new spin on one of the oldest subgenres in Horror, Shara is a classic tale in a modern novel that leaves you breathless, desperately hoping ‘the pack’ has more to tell! Written with such skill and clarity of his characters, you don’t even notice Wedel’s writing style at all. Completely dimensional characters that you can reach out and touch make the story, and easily pull you into the pages.
— Horror Web

While you’re poking around Shocklines’ pre-order page, be sure to take a look at Aegri Somnia. I haven’t read it, but it features several good writers and good people, such as Cherie Priest, Scott Nicholson, Rhonda Eudaly, and Angeline Hawkes, so it can’t be a bad book.

3 responses to “Shara. Shocklines. Pre-order!”

  1. grats and nice cover art

  2. Bark at the Moon
    More blurbs than you can shake a pitchfork/torch at.
    How can you not resist? Kick ass.

  3. yay!
    Shara RAWKS! Anxiously awaiting the sequel!! Hey, and thanks for the free plug…I’ll be sure to return the favor, ole Wolf-master. Hee hee. A

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