New word on SHARA

Here’s most of a message I found in my e-mail this morning. It comes from Nathan Barker, the owner of Scrybe Press.

Shara (trade paperback) should be in-hand within the next 7-9 days.  I’ll have pre-order pages up at kayleighbug, Scrybe, and Shocklines within the week.

How do you feel about the simultaneous release of a limited hardcover? 50 copies – signed & #’d. 

Yeah, I can do that. My first solo hardcover. That’ll be nice. But, I’m not going to count eggs and call them chickens just yet. If I get copies of Shara in my furry paws, however, you’ll know about it. If you’re interested in the limited hardcover, e-mail Nathan about details at Or Matt at Shocklines at I have no idea what to expect as far as demand for such a thing. They may sell out immediately, or they may end up as part of a multi-book grab bag just to get rid of them someday.

6 responses to “New word on SHARA”

  1. Shara
    WHOO HOO! FINALLY, DUDE! Wow! Congrats!

    1. Re: Shara
      I knew YOU would be interested. Hopefully this means a new MOMENTO MORI is just around the corner.

      1. Re: Shara
        That would be like Christmas in June…hee hee…would be wonderful, that’s for sure! I know you’re excited! It’s been a long hard struggle for you with Shara and it SO deserves much more recognition!

  2. Congratulations Steve!
    By the way, I got MURDERED BY HUMAN WOLVES in the mail yesterday. I’ll bedigging into it soon. Can’t wait for the other two to arrive!

    1. I hope you like them, Ron. After you read SHARA, if you still want to give me an opinion on the ULRIK manuscript I’d be glad to hear what you think.

      1. I’ve already read SHARA (it’s DARKSCAPES and CALL TO THE HUNT I’m waiting on), but I’d be more than happy to take a look at it!

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