No Horrorfind, but Class of 1984 is On

Well … I’m having to pull out of Horrorfind this year. With the cost to repair my computer and hundreds of dollars in doctor bills for the kids last month, not to mention home repairs that need to be made, I just couldn’t come up with the money. It really blows. I was so looking forward to meeting George A. Romero and Rob Zombie.

This weekend is my 20-year high school reunion. I feel so old. As Ulrik would say, “I am dust held together with moonlight.” Anyhoo, I’ll be going back to Enid to party with classmates who are just as old as I am. The 10-year reunion was interesting in that people who wouldn’t have spoken to me in high school actually remembered my name and talked to me. I just hope I can put names to faces this time around. There’s a list of people I hope will be there … but I won’t name them here.

We are sexy. We are more. We are the class of ’84!

That was then. Now:

We have less hair. We weigh more. We barely remember ’84!

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