Mother Wants You

Last November I participated in my first National Novel Writing Month. This novel Mother is the result of that. It’s my first horror novel in quite a long time and I’m pretty proud of it.

The idea for this story has been with me for at least 30 years, but I never felt ready to tackle it. The details were always sketchy, though I knew the main idea and stuck to that when I finally set down to write the book.

Mother is about a dozen high schoolers and their teacher who go looking for a missing girl in the Ozark foothills. They find themselves trapped in a cave with a sentient gelatinous blob that possesses the mind of one of the girls. The thing calls itself Mother and insists the humans procreate for her benefit.

Cassie killed Mr. Ackerman … There was so much lbood, and when we tried to help him his intestines were spilling out. It was the grossest thing ever. I saw the light go out in his eyes. I guess that was his soul getting out. Out of his body and out of this cave. Mr. Ackerman might be the lucky one.


The book is available in paperback from any retailer. In electronic form, it is currently only available for the Kindle and Kindle app. I hope to have an audio version available in the near future.

Remember, like all writers, I could use your honest reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, etc.

For Halloween weekend only, the Kindle ebook edition is available for a free download.

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