Adventures in Online Dating, Part 3

It’s time to talk about the biggest issue I’ve had in the world of online dating. This is the one that makes me wonder if there’s something wrong with me, or with everyone else. Invariably, women say they want a man who can and will communicate. If you’ve ever received an e-mail or text message from me, you know I’m a little on the wordy side. (Short story markets pay by the word, ya know.) Communicating in writing is my medium. I’m not an introvert there at all.

Without fail, every woman from a dating site with whom I’ve passed messages are either terribly communicators, or they just don’t want to talk to me and are too kind to tell me. The second is totally possible, but seems improbable that not a one would say, “Hey, this isn’t working for me.” Instead, I’ll message, say something about myself, and ask her a question. She responds to the question. That’s it. No follow-up, no elaborating. So I’ll continue the conversation either with that topic or another, always ending with a question. Same thing. Simple response, no follow-up. Eventually, with nothing being asked of me, I’ll let the conversation stop, thinking if a little time goes by, she’ll either ask something or that’ll be the end of it.

It’s always been the end of it. Whether or not we’ve met in person, when I stop pushing the conversation, the deal is done.

If anyone is reading this, I would sincerely like to know what’s up. Am I doing something wrong? Are the women really just too nice to tell me they’ve lost interest? Or do women want a magpie that’ll just blather on about himself endlessly whether she acts engaged in the conversation or not?

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