Back in the Saddle … for real this time

My blog has been so neglected the past two or three years. I think I’ve made one post each the last two years, both claiming that I was over a hump and ready to get back to writing. And then I didn’t. Couldn’t.

But this time I think I’m really back. In the past month I have finished a manuscript I started well over three years ago. I republished a novel for which the rights were returned to me last year. I edited that manuscript I finished, and today I finished the covers and uploaded two books to be released as paperbacks and Kindle e-books in the next week. I have another cover and manuscript nearly complete; I just need to do the back cover and fix one scene in the manuscript.

Carrie and I have talked about releasing an independently published sequel to In the Woods. I’m excited about that.

In addition to all that, You Want to Do What? Lessons I Learned as a Teacher has been finished as an audiobook and we’re just waiting for ACX to approve it. That werewolf historical romance under a pseudonym — the book I got the rights back to — has the interest of a narrator/producer for an audio version, so I think that’ll happen soon.

It’s been a busy couple of months for me and MoonHowler Press.

Of the books discussed above, only one of them will have my name on it. The others are either non-genre or outside my usual genres to the point I felt it was appropriate to use a different name.

I think I also have my first job as a freelance copy editor. I’m a little nervous about that, but also excited. I’ve been wanting to do contract writing and editing as a side gig for a while, with the hope of making it a full-time job. Yes, and get out of teaching. I love teaching, but the income is limited and there are often too many chiefs who see kids as test scores and dollar signs. But that’s way on down the line.

Right now, it just feels good to be back to writing/editing/publishing. I look forward to getting back to the novel I was writing before I sank into that pit of depression.

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