Review: Killdeer Trail

Killdeer Trail
Killdeer Trail by David R. Lewis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A crazy old woman’s poisoned a church well, killing 13 people because her son died in the church after the rattlesnake he was loving on bit him. The woman then flees across state lines to avoid capture, which puts Rube, Homer, and Marion on her trail.

Everything I’ve said about David. R. Lewis’s Trail series previously holds true for this book. It’s fast paced, full of action, loaded with humor that doesn’t detract from what the story’s really about, and the audio really brings the characters to life.

One thing that got me to thinking during this reading was how these fellas are the most regular bunch of guys I’ve ever known of. They’re no sooner out of their bedrolls than they’re taking their therapeutic papers and going off to “the convenience.” You can set your watch to the regularity of these guys’ poop.

I’m enjoying the opening of these books, where we get to see how life in Deer Run has changed, how Little Bill is growing, etc. I’m starting to get a little concerned that Ruben’s referring to a lot of people and animals and things in past tense, though.

My only complaint about this book is that Lewis has only written one more in the series so far, and I’ve already started it. I hope Rube and his friends have many, many more adventures on the trail before this series ends.


This is the first time the guys have trailed somebody they’ve actually arrested instead of just killing. Not that there aren’t plenty of other bad folks that need shooting and get it. Also, Lewis introduces another very interesting and fun character, only to have him gunned down. It just isn’t healthy to be Ruben’s friend.

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