Review: Calico Trail

Calico Trail
Calico Trail by David R. Lewis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I can’t really add more to this review than what I said about Nodaway Trail last week. David R. Lewis continues to write a rip-roaring Western saga with lots of action, lots of humor, and developing characters. The writing is simple, the story straight forward, and the ending satisfying. I laughed during this one more than the previous ones. Barber Jones is quite a character.

One thing I will add is that there are times when Marion, Homer, and especially Ruben seem to act aggressive or with fatal decisiveness with little provocation or care for the justice system. Ruben’s action toward the main villain of this story at the end is a good example. And yet, I suspect that’s the way reputations were actually made in the Old West. It wasn’t like the movies where somebody drew the fastest. It was who was prepared to act decisively when the moment came. Although it seems jarring sometimes in the story, I think the actions fit.

Again, I listened to this book, narrated by the author, a man of considerable vocal talent who knows his characters inside out.

I’m already deep into the next book, Payback Trail, and enjoying it considerably.

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