OK Children to be Taught by Convicts

If you think the title for this post is pure hyperbole, you haven’t read Senate Bill 1187 closely enough. Among the atrocious things this piece of legislation — passed by the Oklahoma Senate 25-20 on Thursday — does is remove the requirement for school districts to hire certified teachers or do background checks on the “adjunct” teachers they hire.

So yes, it is totally possible that your kindergartners could soon be learning the ABC’s from a convicted drug fiend. Your high school daughter could have a repeat woman beater as her PE teacher. And who better to teach Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” than a fella who’s actually cut up and hidden a human body?

On the plus side, those unchecked, uncertified teachers won’t have to worry about the stigma of having the 49th lowest paycheck for teachers, because SB1187 also eliminates the requirement for school districts to even meet that laughable standard.

Here’s a summary of what SB1187 does, provided by the Professional Oklahoma Educators:

  • Eliminate the teacher’s minimum salary schedule.
  • Eliminate the requirement for school districts to participate in the Oklahoma Teacher’s Retirement System (OTRS).
  • Eliminate school district provided health insurance.
  • Eliminate criminal background checks on school employees.
  • Eliminate teacher evaluation and due process protections.
  • Eliminate payroll deduction.
  • Eliminate due process protections for support staff.
  • Eliminate all certification requirements for all school district positions.
  • Eliminate negotiations between a school district and employees.
  • Eliminate student curriculum requirements.
  • Eliminate required continuing education for local board of education members.

I have never been more ashamed to be a registered Republican, and my party has been responsible for some pretty stupid shenanigans in the state legislature here. I have written to my local senator, Anthony W. Sykes, to tell him how disgusted I am by his vote in favor of SB1187, and to my representative in the State House, Paul Wesselhoft, to encourage him to vote against the measure when it comes to the floor of the House on Monday. Since Wesselhoft voted against tapping the Rainy Day Fund to help schools finish the current fiscal year earlier this week, I don’t hold out much hope of him doing the right thing.


Perhaps he was taught to spell “EMERGNCY” and the governor’s surname by an adjunct educator.

In the interest of being fair and balanced, you can click here to read the text of the actual bill. And here’s an editorial written by two small school district administrators (not teachers) and published by the online arm of one of my former employers.

Oklahomans, please click here to find your legislators. Write to your person in the House of Representatives and demand they kill SB1187.

Personally, I would love to see a recall of the 25 senators who voted in favor of SB1187.

9 responses to “OK Children to be Taught by Convicts”

  1. Unfortunately, this appears to be part of a well organized effort to dismantle the public school system and privatize education.

  2. William Dusenberry Avatar
    William Dusenberry

    Please explain — how, and why, you call yourself a registered Republican — when it is clear that the GOP intends to destroy public education

    If you won’t do so, to my satisfaction — then remove me from your e-mail list

    1. William, I never added you to an email list. I don’t even have one. You probably followed my blog and get email notifications when I update it. Personally, I think removing yourself from a conversation because you disagree with someone’s views or affiliation is childish and close minded, but since you sort of asked, I’ll answer. I’ve been a Republican since Reagan’s first term. I have not always voted that way. Republicans are supposed to be the party of fiscal responsibly and small government, which I support. Things like this, though, make me reconsider my affiliation. Independent is sounding pretty good.

  3. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet/wp/2016/03/11/professor-why-i-am-incredibly-pessimistic-about-the-future-of-public-education/?postshare=4571457828860315&tid=ss_fb
    This article written by a professor and published in the Washington Post outlines what he foresees the GOP plan is for education in the United States. It is terrifying and goes right along with what we are experienceing here.

  4. Been thinking a lot on this one. Who in our state really wants this bill? It won’t REQUIRE districts to pay teachers less, hire questionable characters, or anything else the bill mentions. However, some district(s) somewhere must really want these things, and be influential enough to get lawmakers to pass it. Who are these supporters? Any ideas?

  5. Did you notice that the two superintendents conveniently left out the scary, scary parts of the bill?? Very few realize that unless your school does collective bargaining then your local school board decides if you school will deregulate. 60% of schools in Oklahoma schools do not have collective bargaining,

    1. Oh yeah, I noticed. I’d be willing to bet those two districts don’t have collective bargaining.

  6. Must add that it is now 50th South Dakota just raised the teachers pay. What a shame Oklahoma has become on nearly everything. The Republicans have ruined the state and they seem to be overly happy about it. I am a retired teacher from Kansas and it is now so bad there, using the same Republican practices, that they are talking about stopping my retirement.

    1. That’s horrible! I’m sure there would be lawsuits if they tried that. I can’t imagine what is wrong with these lawmakers.

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