Final Small Press Ties Severed

The last of my books published by small presses are coming home like pigeons at dusk.

The only ones that were still out of my control were Darkscapes, with Fine Tooth Press, and Amara’s Prayer and Little Graveyard on the Prairie with Bad Moon Books. All three books are back in my control now. I appreciate the support shown by JJ Sergent of FTP and of Roy Robbins at BMB, but both fine men have become busy with other aspects of their lives and their publishing ventures aren’t getting much attention.

The sad fact is that the paperback and e-book of Amara’s Prayer has not generated enough in sales to trigger a single royalty payment in the two years since BMB published it. However, the audiobook published by my own MoonHowler Press has sold decent numbers since being released this past summer. I suspect BMB’s price and distribution methods have something to do with that. Little Graveyard was released as a limited hardcover, and the print run did not sell out; the e-book controlled by BMB also never earned any royalty payments. The audio has garnered some sales, though.

Both books will be re-released under my MoonHowler Press banner fairly soon. Kirk Alberts was gracious enough to let me use his Amara artwork, so the new version will look very much like the BMB version. I designed a new cover for Little Graveyard several months ago.

Darkscapes has never sold well. I always hated the cover, too.  I’ve already cut the collection up and re-re-released some of the stories in smaller collections. I’m thinking I’ll add stories published after the FTP version, restore the three that were cut from the original edition, and do something like Darkscapes: The Omnibus Collection. Not many people will want it, I know, but I’ll have it for myself.

What I need is time to make it all happen.

2 responses to “Final Small Press Ties Severed”

  1. Sounds very realistic, Steve. You have opened my eyes to what the real world looks like nowadays. I hope that I still have the time and energy to steer my creative ship in a new direction.

    1. You do have the time. Publishing through Amazon’s CreateSpace and Kindle Direct is surprisingly easy. What I find most difficult is cover design, or finding the art.

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