Equal under the law

There was a time I’d use my blog for political purposes, but polarizing people isn’t good for book sales. haha However, I think this might be an issue that reaches across party lines. I just sent the following message to Oklahoma’s two U.S. senators and the House representative for my district. If you agree, I would encourage you to do the same for your congressional delegation. Click here for help finding your public servants.

Sen. [NAME],

I respectfully ask you to introduce a bill that would require all lawmakers — past, present, and future — to live under the laws of the land. This would include the Affordable Care Act. As an American I am outraged that our lawmakers can create laws then exempt themselves and their families and even their staffs from living under them. I believe introduction of a bill to bring ALL Americans under the same set of laws would, if nothing else, show the voters which elected officials consider themselves among the elite and may inspire a change in who makes the rules.

Steve Wedel

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