The return of Ulrik

ulrik front cover low resI have so much stuff going on I can barely keep up with it all. I have two big announcements, but this one was released first, so I’ll do it today. The new MoonHowler Press edition of Book 3 of The Werewolf Saga is available right now.

Is it different than the out-of-print version from Scrybe Press? Essentially, no, it’s not. Unlike Shara, I didn’t have chapters I’d cut from the original draft that I could put back into this one. It has a different cover that fits into the new look for each of The Werewolf Saga books (once again designed by my son Alex Wedel). And it has a sample chapter from the upcoming Nadia’s Children.

You can get the summary and all the juicy details on my page dedicated to Ulrik. Or you can skip the sales pitch and just get your copy at:

I’m in the midst of listening and approving the audio performance of this novel. Narrator/producer Gene Blake has turned in an amazing performance that I think you’ll love. It looks like that release is still a few weeks away, though.

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