Summer Library Tour

It’s shaping up to be a fun and busy summer. I’ve just signed on to do seven stops on a tour of the Pioneer Library System here in Central Oklahoma. Here’s a summary of what’s going on:

Shapeshifters, Sorcerers, and Spirits, Oh MY!  Delve into the mysteries of paranormal and fantasy fiction with popular young adult authors: Sonia Gensler (The Revenant), Tessa Gratton (Blood Magic), Tara Hudson (Hereafter), Sharon Sala (My Lunatic Life), and Steven E. Wedel (After Obsession, and Murdered by Human Wolves). Check local libraries for appearance schedules. Authors will talk about their writing, answer questions and even offer help to the ‘spirited,’ though perhaps secreted-away, writers among us.

I’m really looking forward to this. The Pioneer Library System serves the city where I live now, as well as several of the little towns I used to cover as a reporter for The Daily Oklahoman. I haven’t been back to some of those places in 10 years. It’ll be fun to see how they’ve changed.

Here’s how the schedule breaks down:

Moore Monday


2 p.m. Sonia, Tessa, Tara, Steven
Purcell Tuesday


2 p.m. Sonia, Tessa, Tara
Noble Thursday


2 p.m. Sonia, Tessa, Tara
South OKC Monday


2 p.m. Sharon, Tara, Steven
Norman Tuesday


2 p.m. Sharon, Tara, Steve
Newcastle Friday


2 p.m. Steven
Tecumseh Tuesday


2 p.m. Steven
McLoud Wednesday


2 p.m. Tara, Steven
Blanchard Thursday


2 p.m. Steven

One response to “Summer Library Tour”

  1. Good luck! That sounds like it’s going to be fun, and with other authors there it usually is!


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