They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Since become a teacher, I’ve looked forward to summer break every year, thinking I would get a lot of writing done. It seems I always overlook the fact I have a bunch of needy kids at home who want to eat, go swimming, eat, go to the movies, eat, play games, eat, get sno-cones, eat, eat some more, have friends over, all of whom eat. Oh yeah, and they like to EAT!

Not that there hasn’t been any progress on writing. I did do those revisions to The Fetch, and have decided to make some more, very major revisions before sending it off. A little werewolf writing has been done, but not nearly what I had expected by this point. I downloaded a freeware database program the other day called Treepad and am slooooooowly building a database of Werewolf Saga characters, something I guess I should have been doing since the beginning. One of the reasons writing has been slow is because of having to go back and look up names and such from minor characters in past books. Too bad I don’t have a slavishly dedicated and bored fan to make the database for me … haha

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