Life is like a box of chocolates

Yes, it is. Some of those chocolates are filled with crap, too. We’ll be having my youngest son’s eighth birthday party real soon. I can’t believe my little guy is really eight years old … or all the life that’s happened since the day he came into the world. I was sure making a lot more money at the time! Anyway, as we wait for grandparents to arrive, I’m in a text message conversation with a former student who just got out of county jail because her large male roommate pressed domestic abuse charges against her. Needless to say, she needs help, and I’m unable to provide it. Being poor sucks.

Prom is over! It went off pretty well, I think. Yeah, the music sucked (except for the one song I got the DJ to play; it’s good to be the man with the check). The kids seemed to have a lot of fun. They left sweaty and smiling, anyway. I’m still wrapping up paying some of the bills, but the stress of the event is gone. I actually had time to grade papers this past week. And hell, tomorrow I might even get some writing done!

The IT guy at my wife’s job has wiped my computer and reinstalled the operating system. Now I just have to find my Microsoft Office installation CD. For some reason it wasn’t with the rest of the CDs. I will never go back to The Pirate’s Bay! Not even for Steinbeck downloads. I hope I can find that Office CD. I have to turn this computer back over to the college next month.

In a completely random tangent, I’d barely paid much attention to media bias until this past election. Yeah, I knew about the "left-wing media" and "Faux News" and all that. But hell, Time and Newsweek really piss me off with their blatant bias. Have you seen the cover of Newsweek for this week? Economic recovery? Really? While education budgets are still being slashed? Another cover story promises to expose "hate on the right." The tea party movement is not about hate. Sure, there are some nutjobs attracted to it, but they are not the core of the movement. Are fiscal responsibility, limited government, and a free market really the ideals of hate?

4 responses to “Life is like a box of chocolates”

  1. politics, smolitics
    Forget about the Tea Party and the Left Wing too, wrap you mind around the werewolves and get back to them…. I think some explosive stuff might be going on there (at least I hope so!)

  2. I don’t see NEWSWEEK as being either left or right these days. In fact, I don’t see it as anything but a bunch of blog posts I can read elsewhere for free. I used to enjoy NEWSWEEK, but now I think it’s utterly useless. There’s not a frigging fact to be found in that rag anymore; even the movie reviews have gone from telling you about the film to telling you about some completely irrelevant crap (recent case in point: A review of ME AND ORSON WELLES focused entirely on whether we’ll end up remembering Welles as a charismatic young genius or an old fat guy selling wine. Nothing about the movie itself. Useless). That’s one subscription I won’t be renewing.

  3. How many of YOUR students took advantage of the fact that today is 4/20?? LOL!
    That little one can’t be EIGHT!!! He was just four like… yesterday!! Gah!

    1. Not as many were gone as I expected. But, with the ditch day being last Friday, I imagine they just waited until after school to indulge.
      Yep, he’s eight. Hard to believe. But then, just look at your own little guys. I can’t get over they’re already walking … and have been for a while!

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