Getting back into it

It’s been weeks since I blogged! I know all my fans have missed me. I hope you’re both doing well. haha  Things have been crazy busy lately, and work at the high school has been insane for reasons I won’t print. There are problems above and below me in the chain of command and both have had me pretty worked up. Couple that with the second job, and I’ve just been exhausted on the nights I didn’t work. I’ve been asleep by 8 p.m. the past two Fridays. Last weekend I had to work at the school both days. It’s been nuts!

And it figures. I mean, I spend 25 years trying to become a legitimate writer, finally get a fantastic agent, and I don’t have time to write anything more than high school tests for weeks.

Enter Gayleen! She has slapped me around (virtually) and coerced me (willingly) into a writing pact for spring break. Did I mention spring break starts in about 15 hours? It does. Oh yes it does! Anyhoo, Gayleen and I are entering into a pact in which we will exchange whatever we have written on Monday and set a goal to meet by the end of the week. Hmm. Will there be punishment for failing to meet the goal? I better not mention that. She knows too many lawyers. So. Yeah. She’s going to force my lazy butt to work on Nadia’s Children. I don’t know yet what she’s giving me to read, but I’ve read drafts of both her current WIPs and loved them both, so whether I’m getting meatier, cleaner drafts of those or something new, I look forward to it.

What else? What else? Oh, there’s been lots of stuff happening. The cops have been here. Brownies have been eaten. Boyfriend drama. Girlfriend drama. The life as a father of teenagers is never dull.

Oh! And the big thing. I did something really geeky-stupid. Because I haven’t had time for much, I wanted to get a particular audio book to listen to because I don’t have time to add another book to my reading list. Well, I went to a certain Web site I heard my students talking about, and my computer was immediately attacked by viruses. Norton Antivirus completely failed me. I did a scan, Norton fixed a threat, but the pop-up virus was still there, so I tried to reboot. Computer wouldn’t boot back up. So, I put in my Windows XP installation CD, hoping I could overwrite the infected file. XP reinstalled … in a new partition. After much freaking out, I found my documents and programs, but I can’t use any of them because they’re not installed on the same partition. All my work is safely stored on a flash drive, but … 27 seasons of Madden football are in jeapordy. Not to mention all the saved e-mails that are downloaded from the server and sorted into folders. I’ve never figured out how to save my e-mail to another source. I’m hoping one of my tech-savvy students can pull my chestnuts out of this fire. If not … I’ll likely double whatever I promise in my pact with Gayleen because I won’t have my favorite procrastination toy.

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