Peter Straub

First, these new LiveJournal ads are annoying me. I repost pretty much everything here on WordPress, which is attached to my main site at I don’t care to pay for LiveJournal again, as I didn’t get any real benefit from a paid account the year I did pay for it. Eventually, I may get annoyed enough to stop posting here.

Now, on to business …

My interview with horror master Peter Straub went life at Horror World today. Straub is the biggest, and one of the most influential authors I’ve ever interviewed.

Also, I should probably mention that I told Nanci I’ll be leaving Horror World after more than five years with the site. I’m just too busy. I’ll do the March newsletter, and she has three more interviews for me to do. If she could hook me up with William Peter Blatty I’d do one more …

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  1. I just pay for LJ, but I use mine a lot more than you do yours…

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