Anthology and a new review

I love Monster Librarian! They review horror books with librarians in mind. Not only do they review the latest best sellers, they also review small press releases and even limited edition collectibles. Like, oh … my own Little Graveyard on the Prairie. In this brand new review by Bob Freeman, he says such "Truth be told, if this were a longer piece the psychological damage just might be irreversible." You can still get a copy at Horror Mall.

I have mentioned before about the placement of a zombie short story. Well, the contract is inked, so I can now say the story is called "The Zombie Whisperer" and will be published by 23 House Publishing this spring in the book Dead Set, edited by Michelle McRary and my buddy Joe McKinney.

Work continues on Nadia’s Children. I’m over 30,000 words into it.

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