Get your motor runnin’

Egads! Is Christmas break really almost over? Only one day left? What can I do to make it a fun-filled day? Oh yeah … go meet the new babysitter the little kids will go to after school. Wooeee!

The past few days have been good, though. You may recall me mentioning that someone had asked to see a werewolf story. Well, I wrote a new one for him. It’s called “Nadia’s Curse,” not to be confused with the new novel, Nadia’s Children. The story is back story for the novel, stuff I kinda knew but hadn’t really put down. I think it made a pretty decent standalone story. I’ll polish it a little, get somebody else to read it, polish some more, then send it to “the guy.” I banged out 4,600 words in three days. I could have done it in two, but I felt like crap that middle day and only did a few pages.

Chris Fulbright just sent me a review he found in Cemetery Dance #61. The review is of Little Graveyard on the Prairie. He told me it was there, but I figured he meant issue #60, which had a pretty lackluster review in it. But no, CD ran two different reviews of the book in back-to-back issues. How cool is that? The second one is much, much better. It’s actually Mark Tyree’s review that ran in Horror World last March. Here’s a bit from the opening.

Little Graveyard on the Prairie flat-out ground my soul into a fine powder and left it to blow across the desert. My first taste of this author left me wondering why newer writers can’t be this literate, insightful, original and fresh. Wedel opens his imagination and lets it softly tiptoe into your mind with an ice-cube-down-the-spine first chapter and never lets the reader off the hook until the shattering conclusion.

Yeah. I like that.

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