New Moon

This post has nothing to do with the second in that horrible tween vampire series. I just thought it’d be fun to throw that in the subject line.

It was a pretty busy week. I’ve been editing on Ghost Sickness as much as I can, which is not enough. No work on Nadia’s Children, and that sucks, as I stopped in the middle of a big scene.

I finally made some changes to my Web site, going back to utilizing the hosting I’ve been paying for all along, but including my WordPress blog. Anyway, the important thing here is that I can now go forward with the big contest I’ve been talking about. You’ll see the first announcement about that during the Thanksgiving break this week.

My English 3 class is reading The Haunting of Hill House and they seem to be liking it. We’ve only made it through Chapter 1, but some were upset we didn’t get to keep going the other day. The AP class is reading Othello, and liking it. I can’t say enough good stuff about the Shakespeare Appreciated audiobook series. They are just awesome. The narrator explains all those things you never understood.

The English 4 class … Yeah. I’ll be spending Thanksgiving break reading about 50 essays about the history of British literary periods and major authors and books from those periods. I’m sure most of those 50 essays are not yet written, despite being assigned over a month ago. Gee, I can’t wait.

Went to Half Price Books today and got a copy of James Fenimore Cooper’s The Pioneers. I love the time period of The Leatherstocking Tales. I asked for the missing volumes to the series a few years ago and some dumbass at Enid’s only bookstore told my mom they were out of print. Yeah, right. I suppose Charles Dickens will be out of print next.

Went to GFF grocery store today and they’re already playing Christmas carols. When is it too early for Christmas songs?

Probably the best thing about this week was Beauty and the Beast. This was the WHHS production. The kids did an amazing job. It was so good I went to it twice. If you know me, you know that I am NOT a big fan of musicals, but I would gladly watch this one again. Not only is it good, but to see the kids I know performing in it was a lot of fun. I took my youngest daughter to the Friday evening show and she loved it. It was sure sweet to sit there with her beside me, her head against my arm, watching her clap and laugh. It was her second time to see it, too. She liked a lot of it better than the Disney movie, she said, especially the guy playing Lumiere. The girl who played Belle is amazing. I already knew she was a great student and cheerleader, but had no idea she could sing like she did. It was a great show.

I remember seeing Beauty and the Beast when it first came out. Kim was extremely pregnant with out first kid (who was born about three weeks later). I liked it so much I came home and wrote Songbird, a kids’ story that’s never been published, and only submitted a few times.

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  1. I’m often amazed by what some of my icky or quiet or not-so-great students can accomplish on stage. It’s like they’re totally different people. ;o)

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