Work, work, work!

So. No werewolves have prowled since the day after Red Dirt. Nope. I have a major scene going on, but haven’t had time to finish it. Two people are about to die. And it’ll be shown live on a Web cam. Eventually. Well, there ya go.

I spent most of the weekend grading a monstrous stack of papers. Hopefully that load will be cut down beginning this week. On Saturday morning I was "trained" on how to use these electronic clickers. Basically, I can create an assignment or quiz and students answer via remote control. The computer grades them, and I just have to transfer the grades to the other program where we actually record our grades. What I like is that I can time the questions. This should keep the little buggers focused and cut down on some of the cheating. If you only have 10 seconds to choose the right answer, you’re less likely to be able to look to see what other people are doing, right? We’ll see.

I did try to do some Web site remodeling earlier today. The result? A message saying my site is temporarily unavailable. I had my domain forwarded to a WordPress site, but WordPress won’t allow me to embed a PayPal button I need for a contest I’m planning. So I tried going with an older style site with frames that includes the WordPress blog in the design. It worked on my computer. Needed some tweaking, especially in color matching, but it worked. I put it online and changed my forwarding and I have nothing.

Back to writing. Since we’ve talked about it at Conestoga and she’s mentioned it a time or two, I guess it’s not a “super secret project” any more. So, what I did with the little bit of writing time I had yesterday and today was work on a book I co-wrote with Carrie Jones. Her agent wants a few more changes, the biggest of which is to get it under 400 pages. Yes, it’s that long. And it’s shorter now than it originally was! Anyway, I have to say that I really enjoyed writing this book with Carrie and it’s a lot of fun to be back in that world.

5 responses to “Work, work, work!”

  1. Dude! It’s totally super secret!
    *head smack*

    1. Really?? I changed the entry to keep it secret. 😉

      1. No! Dude, I was kidding! Now I feel horrible about it.
        Or is that horribly about it?
        Grammar gods, strike me down!

        1. You should feel horrible! Sheesh. 😉 I put it back like it was. I’m glad we’re out in the open. haha

  2. I have no doubt you can manage to get it shorter. ;o)

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