Visit me in Harvest Hill

I got news today that Graveside Tales’ newest anthology Harvest Hill is now available for purchase. The book includes my new story “Hungry is the Night” written specifically for this book. Like my story “The God of Discord”, this one involves a monster I first wrote about in about 1990 or ’91 for a novel called The Living Dark, something I’ve messed with rewriting off and on ever since. But I digress. Like all stories in this anthology, mine takes place in the little town of Harvest Hill, Tennessee, on Halloween night. Mine is a modern story featuring the newspaper editor of the little town. I have to admit I’m rather proud of the story, particularly considering how quickly I knocked it off.

Right now you can only get the book from Graveside Tales’ site. (I’m sure it’ll be at Amazon and all the usual places very soon.) Here’s the link to a pretty cool (but rather uninformative) book trailer.

Happy reading!

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