No SHARA audio

This is one of the more interesting search terms someone has used to find his way to my Web page: download steven wedel shara torrent. Interesting that someone wants an audiobook of Shara … and noteworthy they are looking to download it for free. After the three rejection letters I’ve had for the book in the last few weeks as I try to move it to a bigger publisher, I’ll even take the attempt at an illegal download as a bit of encouragement.

I suppose I could do an audiobook of Shara. I know Maggie Bonham offers some of her work as Podiocasts, and I do have the equipment for it. What do you think?

No writing done this week. The extra job and grading papers took all my time. I’m hoping to do a little this weekend, but my bag is bulging with more papers that need to be graded. I have to write and put together six benchmark tests next week, which is only three days before fall break. In our school district’s continuation of infinite wisdom, we are giving this test that is 40 percent of the 9-weeks’ grade after a four-day break. Granted, you’d think the stuff would stick, and the kids might use at least some of those four days to study and be ready. But anyone who knows our students knows that neither will be the case.

We finally got our student handbooks yesterday. During the assembly to go over them, our new principal talked about "negative vibes" and how anyone — student or faculty — who isn’t happy there should leave. Made me wonder if he reads this. I don’t care too much. I mean, I made the decision to stay, now it’s actually costing me money to work there because his predecessor lied to me about that whole after-school childcare thing. Hard not to be negative.

One response to “No SHARA audio”

  1. You know, that search term tells me they’re just looking for SHARA as a book, not an audiobook.
    But yeah, an audio reading from you would be fun! Rather than make it a freebie on your website or something, you might check out these guys:
    I’ll have a story (read by me) going live there on Halloween.

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