My acting debut

That’s right. I wasn’t able to shuffle up to Buffalo for Greg Lamberson’s “Slime City Massacre” movie shoot, but today I got to play a zombie in Christophe’s new music video. It was hot, it was humid, but it sure was fun. We got kicked out of a cemetery, so we finished the shoot at Little River Park in Moore, a place I think would be nice for a werewolf flick. The video will debut at TrickConTreat. Sadly, I won’t be there because I’ll be in Tulsa for this. I’m sure it’ll be online eventually and I’ll post a llink. I took a few pictures and I’ll post those pretty soon.

Right now I’m watching the mighty Oklahoma Sooners beat up on BYU. The OK State Cowboys already took care of business against the Georgia Bulldogs earlier today. Last night the hgh school Jets won their first game since the 2007 season. It was the first game for my oldest daughter, who was quickly recruited to the yearbook staff. She had to take pictures of the crowd and cheerleaders. The best part of the game was seeing so many kids from the class of 2009 return.

No solution on the daycare issue yet. My kids are walking over with a boy from class and going to another teacher’s empty room. However, the principal told us that has to stop. One of those class of ’09 students said she’ll watch mine … but her boss has to stop scheduling her after 2 p.m. first, and that hasn’t happened yet.

My ESL class started this week. Thanks to a switch with another teacher I’m teaching on the OCCC campus instead of way up in Edmond. The class is okay. I was pretty worried about it, really, but after a couple of sessions I feel all right about it.

What I do not feel all right about is my regular high school classes. I’m drowning in papers that need grading. Seriously, the bag I carry back and forth is stuffed with papers, and most of them are just from this week. Like most of the teachers, I’m giving a lot of participation grades because I simply don’t have time to actually read it all. Add to that the horrible new lesson plan software we’re supposed to use and every minute of every day is at a premium. That lesson planner is the worst piece of software I’ve ever seen. It takes forever to put anything in and last time I used it it lost half of what I did … twice.

Needless to say, I haven’t done any writing since school started. It’s starting to eat at me a little. I need to write. I need therapy!

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