A last-day-of-summer vampire rant

Yes, there is a rant, but it isn’t here. I posted it at The Werewolf Saga Online site. Here’s the thesis: I offer for your consideration the theory that today’s readers are the most self-absorbed and ignorant since the invention of movable type. I give my reasons and offer a poll to see if you agree. I’d really like to know what you think.

In other news, this is my last day off work before officially reporting back to school tomorrow. However, I’ve been at the school so much this summer it hardly seems like there was a break. It’s going to be an interesting year. We’re going from the block schedule in which I had four classes with three preps to a seven-period day in which I’ll have five classes and three preps, but instead of having the same kids for 80 minutes a day for a semester I’ll have them for 50 minutes a day all year. We’re getting new computers, plus something called "the intelligent classroom" which includes a projector and, they say, a pad-thing on which we can write and it’ll show up on the projector screen. Haven’t seen it in action yet. After the first nine weeks one of our vice principals will become principal, and he tells me there’ll be some changes coming when he takes over. Interesting year, I’m sure.

Last night I edited the short story I worked on for way too long. It’s called "The Hungry Night" and was written on request for an anthology I won’t name yet … because they may reject it like they did the first one I wrote for them. I’ve got another short story pending with another anthology; it’s made it past the first and primary reader there.

Two years ago I was gearing up for Horrorfind Weekend. I’d been every year since 2003. Didn’t make it last year and won’t make it this year. Damn money. Seeing the actors is no big deal anymore, but I really, really miss hanging out with the other writers I’d only get to see in Baltimore. I was gonna go into a list of names, but no way I’d get them all and I’d feel bad later about missing important ones.

Speaking of conventions, last night I was invited to join the Sci-fi Horror Weekend in Tulsa. The primary cast of Return of the Living Dead will be there and I’d get to sit in a booth next to them. However, this event is the same weekend as TrickConTreat and I’ve already agreed to be there. What to do, what to do?

2 responses to “A last-day-of-summer vampire rant”

  1. We may not go back to HorrorFind. Fewer and fewer writers are going and I’ve never cared about celebs. Our travel time is minimal and when we can get the kids to stay a whole weekend somewhere, we have to make it very worthwhile both socially and business-wise. We need to find a better con. 🙂

  2. Interesting thesis. Partially I agree, because they sure give off that impression, don’t they? Though I have to question whether their ignorance is brought on by actual ignorance or if it’s more a matter of consciously being that ignorant, like a decisive choice to ignore the reality of the world around them. It could be that many of today’s modern generation could tell you precisely what is at the heart of that poignant movie line you refereed to, but I tend to expect that almost as many would tell you that they feel safer, less responsible, maybe even empowered to choose this brand of ignorance over that which would bring upon them a connection to a darker part of living that they simply don’t want to deal with in this age of fear and paranoia. Or it could be that they really are just a bunch of flawed media junkies who are ready to take anything at face value so long as it doesn’t overly involve any effort on there part minus the heart break drama of it all. Tough call, though I’d bet smart money that they know exactly what it is their opting for even if they don’t completely understand why, which isn’t to say I’m a fan of this new wave of vampire soap opera horror. Not at all.

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