A trio of reviews

A couple of weeks ago another teacher told me I’d been written up in The Current, an alternative newspaper published in Tahlequah, Okla. Roxann Rumor Perkins’s piece isn’t really a review, but it is all about Murdered by Human Wolves. She never says if she liked the book, but it did inspire her to go visit Katherine Cross’s grave, so I take that as a postive.

Michele Lee gave Ulrik a four-star review. Her review is up in several places, but I found it here at Visual Bookshelf. It’s also here at GoodReads, though she only gave it three stars here. This is the first line of her review: Ulrik stands somewhere between the traditional horror werewolf and the newer urban fantasy werewolf. The review contrasts the traditional werewolf to the urban fantasy werewolf and is pretty interesting.

And finally, Ethan Nahte’s review of Murdered by Human Wolves went up today at Pop Syndicate. He calls it “…an interesting, quick read that should appeal to werewolf fans, history lovers and those who enjoy a good mystery.”

I guess one of the good things about the small press is that books get more time to find an audience. With mass market, they’re out for a few weeks, then the covers and stripped and the book disappears into the void, unless the author was lucky enough to hit some magical sales number.

At any rate, I’m glad people are still reading and enjoying my Werewolf Saga.

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