An article, a review, and a book

Ethan Nahte of posted this article about this Saturday’s event. What event? Well, the Vampire vs Werewolf smackdown between me and Gabrielle Faust, of course! Ethan set out to interview both me and Gabrielle, but the vampiress was already hiding in fear of the fur. Or caught up in deadlines, or something. Anyway, go read the article. It’s pretty funny in places. Come out and see us on Saturday at Eerie Books in Wylie, Texas. And support Mission: Wolf by buying tickets!

I keep meaning to post this, then somehow forget. How does one forget that he’s been reviewed in Cemetery Dance magazine? I dunno. Just getting old, I guess. But yes, my own Little Graveyard on the Prairie was reviewed on page 122 of Issue #60, which came out in the middle of June, actually. The review itself, written by Jack Lloyd, is just kind of lukewarm, but ends with “…a largely fun and fast-paced read.” But hey, I’m in CD!

Speaking of Little Graveyard on the Prairie, I got my copy of the lettered edition today (mine is actually marked PC). It’s very nice. I have to admit I didn’t know what to expect, as I’ve actually held very, very few limited edition books. This is nice. It doesn’t have a dustjacket, which kind of surprised me, but it has a nice foil picture on a deep blue hardcover, and the dustjacket image is featured within. Also include are the two extra pieces I wrote just for this edition. Sorry, but the lettered did sell out and those two pieces are not available anywhere else. You can still buy a numbered copy, though.

Remember: Two bucks and you could win four signed books AND help a very worthy organization.

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