Why is he in a cowboy museum?

So, I have had other stuff I wanted to post about besides the stupid literature pirates. Maybe my old brain will remember most of it. First, though, to the subject line. I wish I could post a picture, but I can’t find the cord that connects my phone to my computer. Anyway, after weeks of him asking, I finally took my youngest son back to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum today. Sadly, like most kids today, he doesn’t really watch or appreciate Western movies like I did. He likes the play area and the Old West town recreation. And, of course, the gift shop. But, back on topic. There is a massive and incredible statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting in the museum. First Jake told me it was George Washington, but then he guessed it right. Then he looked at me and asked in his this-makes-no-sense voice, "Why is HE in a cowboy museum? He should be at the White House." Eh, maybe you had to be there. Personally, I was impressed that my 7-year-old son recognized Lincoln and could place him in the White House.

Last week was brutal! I was at an Advanced Placement workshop all week and worked my part-time job, too. The workshop was pretty draining, but I learned a lot I’ll be able to use in class. Still, I didnt have much juice left for creative stuff when I got home.

The big thing at the moment is preparing for the first Vampire vs. Werewolf signing with Gabrielle Faust this Saturday. I did two interviews about the signing the other day, so we’re hoping for a good turnout. I have to say that Gabrielle and I are both disappointed in the online response to the charity component of the "battle". The werewolves are ahead, but not by much … because donations have been really slow. Come on, folks, you could win four signed books for a simple $2 donation that will go to help rescued wolves. Or bats, if you prefer.

Well, between my daughter and her boyfriend watching the (I’m sure crappy) remake of My Bloody Valentine and the smell of whatever my wife is cooking for dinner, I can’t recall what else I had to say. Besides, I need to reserve this typing for the werewolves. There’s a new character and I’m dying to know what part he’s going to play.

One response to “Why is he in a cowboy museum?”

  1. Smart and good-lookin’…just like his momma!

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