Killing a friend

I killed a friend yesterday.

I’d known this person since 1993. I met him because of a creative writing course at Francis Tuttle Technology Center. He’d been a good friend, though always a little strange. He didn’t deserve to die, but then life and death seldom play fair. I miss him already.

Fortunately, since he only exists in my fiction, I won’t be charged with murder for killing him. Still, considering I can’t name a single real friend I knew in 1993 that I still talk to today, I kind of feel like I killed a real person.

He’s gone, though. This needed to be done. Knowing it had to be done kept me from really getting started on the next book of The Werewolf Saga. I didn’t want to do it, you know. But now it’s done and I can go on. He may reappear through the magic of flashback and … I have three award-winning chapters and an outline of an historical romance novel that stars him, too. So, as Harley Shaw learned, “Dead ain’t gone, and gone ain’t dead.”

I have 25 pages of the new werewolf book done. That’s about 6,000 words. I suspect it will go pretty quickly now. Much quicker than The Girls Nobody Wanted to Date! This one is called Nadia’s Children. If you don’t know who Nadia is, you can find out by reading the history pages at The Werewolf Saga online. If you can’t figure out who I killed … you probably didn’t read the ending of Ulrik.

In other news, the temperature here in central Oklahoma was about 100 degrees today. (Yes, Marcy, it’s time to water the house again.) It’ll be hotter tomorrow. I think our air conditioning is about to crap out, too.

Summer school is over! Of the three years I’ve taught summer school, this was the easiest. I got confirmation yesterday that, yes, I will be teaching the senior English classes again this fall. I expected as much. The second job is going well. I’ve met some very interesting people from all over the world doing this ESL testing.

Finally, just a reminder about the Vampire vs Werewolf “fight” between me and Gabrielle Faust. It isn’t too late to make a $2 donation to Mission: Wolf for a chance to win all four signed volumes of The Werewolf Saga. Or, yeah, you can support the vampires and have a chance to win four books from Gabrielle by donating to her bat conservatory cause.

One response to “Killing a friend”

  1. Damn I was afraid of this. I really saw it coming, but I was really hoping it wasn’t going to happen. Looking forward to this book can’t wait for it to hit the shelves. Good luck on the writing.

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