Support the Werewolves!


Welcome to the donation page for the Vampire team of the Vampire vs. Werewolf book signing series! One of the purposes behind the Vampire vs. Werewolf book signing series is to rally support for charities such as wolf rescue centers and bat conservation organizations, as well as various literacy programs around the world. In the months before each book signing event, fundraising will take place via our independent author sites for each team’s chosen cause. A donation of $2 will get you one entry into the drawing for that particular event. You can donate as much as you like to the cause for multiple entries. Prizes will vary from month to month and will include such items as free signed copies of the authors’ novels. All proceeds from your donations will be sent to each charity at the time of the signing event. We hope that the friendly, if feisty, competition between the two genre camps will work towards an overall increase in the encouragement of support for these organizations, as well as provide a vast amount of entertainment for our fans! A tally will be kept on this site after each event to see who has raised the most money: the vampires or the werewolves! The determination of the winner lies in the hands of the fans!

But, you have obviously chosen the side of the werewolves! And for that I congratulate and thank you! For the July 18th signing event between myself and vampire author Gabrielle S. Faust I will be giving away a set of all four of my Werewolf Saga books including Call to the Hunt, Murdered by Human Wolves, Shara and Ulrik. Click on the PayPal button donate! My chosen charity for this fundraising event is Mission: Wolf. All proceeds from your donations will go directly to this organization!

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