Vampire vs. Werewolf

You’ll recall that the other day I suggested Gabrielle Faust and I might have something on the burner. Well, duh, it wouldn’t have been mentioned if there wasn’t something cooking. If you check out my Appearances page you’ll see that it’s been updated with several things, some past and some future … but the one I want to bring to your attention is what’s going on July 18.

Eerie Books of Wylie, Texas, will be hosting a Vampire vs. Werewolf smackdown. No, Gabrielle and I will not be mud wrestling, boxing, or trying to bite one another. But we are discussing making this a competitive signing. Details on that will come later. For right now, just mark you calendar and plan to be at the best bookstore in Texas on July 18.

In completely unrelated school news (since I still can’t master the LJ cut) …
Today was the senior assembly at school. The real countdown is on for the class of 2009. Graduation on Sunday, then they take their final high school benchmark tests the three days after the holiday. And then … they’re gone. We have had our frustrations, no doubt, but overall this class if bursting at the seams with good kids. I have had some of these kids in class since the semester I started teaching here and I have to admit I’m pretty sad to see them ready to leave. Sad but proud. Proud that I was a part of their lives for a while.

They asked me to play a part in the senior assembly. From what I can gather, it is incredibly rare for any teacher to actually be in the assembly. Typically the kids do a skit in which they mock certain teachers (in a playful way). They did that this year, then did a second skit in which "teachers" and students were about to brawl and I came out and provided fake weapons.

I had all my English IV and AP students write an essay evaluating their performance and mine during this class. It was an enlightening assignment for me. Mostly their comments were favorable, but a good majority believe I am too lenient in class, and some offered some very valuable insight on what they expect from a teacher and a few (mostly my Jr. ROTC kids) had tips on how to achieve it. I’ll be using that information.

Another thing many commented on was that they knew I cared about them as more than just kids in my room, and that is very important to me. I have cajoled, begged, threatened, cursed, and punished them in an effort to get them to work harder. In the end, though, I hope each and every one of them know that I am proud of them and wish them huge amounts of success.

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