Little Graveyard auction and eye issues

Shocklines has a PC (publisher’s copy) of my novelette Little Graveyard on the Prairie up for auction at eBay. Bidding is just a little over $20 at the moment. The book, you’ll recall, retails for $50.

Speaking of LGOTP, Issue #62 of Cemetery Dance magazine will have a nice review of the book in it. That’ll hit stands in June.

I. Am. Old. I have been having eye issues. The last eye doctor I went to kept insisting on giving me contact lenses and glasses that made me far-sighted. I finally got tired of dealing with that, and waited until my insurance would cover another visit. Plus, the previous contacts had begun to really irritate my right eye. So, off to a new eye doctor today. He says I need … can I even say it? He says … bifocals. Ugh. That’s for the glasses. For the contacts he gave me a lens that makes my right eye far-sighted and one that simply corrects my left eye. This is supposed to have the same effect as bifocals. Supposedly my brain will adjust to this and it’ll be okay. At the moment, though, it seems as though my right eye is simply working harder than the left. It’s quite strange.

I don’t like this getting old and breaking down thing.

6 responses to “Little Graveyard auction and eye issues”

  1. I need glasses and can’t afford them. Every time I need to read a label, I have to stand under a bright light and hold the label just so…

    1. That blows, Greg. I’m sorry to hear it. Have you thought about the non-prescription reading glasses?

  2. HTe alternative isn’t pleasant.

  3. Ah, welcome to the fold, my friend. I did the two lens thing, but couldn’t adjust (the difference was so slight, my brain didn’t think I couldn’t see. It thought “hey, you have a slightly weaker contact lens in one eye. I’m going to keep refocusing until you die of a headache.”)
    I have bifocal lens now (the reading part is the outer ring of BOTH eyes), which are very cool. When I wear my regular specs, I just pull them down my nose to read and that works.
    Oh. And you’re totally old.

      1. That’s it, Mark, confirm that I’m breaking down and about ready for a hole in the ground. 😉
        My brain is not adjusting to the contacts, either. The bifocal glasses aren’t nearly as bad as I expected, though.

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