Teacher Appreciation

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week. Students at my school had the opportunity to stop by tables during lunches to write cards to teachers. Here are some samples of what I got:

"My favorite teacher since freshman year! … You push me to be better because you know I can be."

"You are effin awesome!!!"

"Your (sic) the greatest teacher ever. You give the best advice with things." (Yes, I’m aware that if I really was the best teacher ever this student would have used "you’re" instead of "your" but …" )

"Thanks for always being there for me."

"He’s funny and not afraid to stoop to our level."

"I’m really going to miss you. I think you’re the best teacher in Oklahoma." (This one is a senior.)

"You are such an amazing teacher, and whenever I need you your (sic) there for me. I’ll miss you so much when Im (sic) gone!" (Another senior.)

I have had more exciting jobs, and I have made more money, but nothing compares to having a kid write things like the comments above. I’ve swept floors, bagged groceries, painted cars, programmed, setup and operated CNC lathes and mills, uncovered the truth as a reporter and distorted it as a public relations hack. None of those things were as rewarding. I have a great family and a job I love, and that makes me damn lucky.

3 responses to “Teacher Appreciation”

  1. That’s very cool, Steve.

  2. You should be very proud. It is always nice to be told how good you are at something and in your profession you can and do make a difference. Great family, huh. I’ll remind you of that at the dinner table tonight. lol 😉

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