Another one

As some of you figured out, yes, today is my birthday. Once upon a time this was such a happy thing. Now it feels like just another mile marker on the way to a hole in the ground. No, I’m not really depressed about it. I feel more … ambivalent.

My students found out about it and my fourth period English IV class decided to have a party. Maybe it was a way to get out of doing much work, but it was still pretty nice, and I was surprised by some of the kids who brought stuff. There were cupcakes, chips, dips, pop, doughnut holes, etc. Girls from fifth period (one of my AP classes) made me cards and one of those girls brought Crunch-n-Munch and a Snickers bar and gum.

They may not always be as motivated as I’d like, but I’m lucky in that pretty much all my students really are good kids.

The best gift so far came from my 7-year-old son, who found a birthday card that plays "Rock and Roll All Nite" when you open it. The look on his face when I opened it was priceless. Then he told me all about how he found it and knew I’d like it.

10 responses to “Another one”

  1. Somehow I ended up in your blog and figured out that it would be rude to not wish you a happy birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday, BTW ;o)

  3. I’ve reached the ambivalent stage too. Still, Happy Birthday!!

  4. Happy birthday, Steve. That’s cool that your class bowed down in your honor.

  5. Sounds pretty good to me. And that card from your son… a chip off the OLD block. Get it? OLD block!
    That’s not true about ‘the hole in the ground’. You may decide to be cremated. No?
    Is it true what you told me about a new KISS album? I got the goose bumps.

    1. You still have the freakiest damn avatars!
      I may kid about a lot of things, but NEVER about new KISS. Here’s a link to an article. It isn’t the article where I first saw the news, but it’s what I found when I searched today.

  6. Happy birthday, Steve. (You know you are a kid compared to me, so you get no sympathy. I can see social security lurking around the corner.) Only about a month of school left for you so I am ready for you to join us again. I am anxious to get my hands on some new Wedel thing to read. PWhite

  7. Hope it was a great birthday. I’m sorry I missed getting to tell you Happy Birthday on time. Still, imagine some really bad singing:
    Happy Birthday to you, happy birtday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you….and many moreeeeeeeeeeeee. (Insert blowing of horns and throwing of confetti.)

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