Conestoga and Carnality Ball

I’ll be at Conestoga this weekend. It’ll be a good time, with lots of good people, including Craig Wolf, David Lee Anderson, Carrie Jones, Brad and Sue Sinor and some of my fellow Oklahoma Speculative Fiction Syndicate members. I’d link to all of them individually, but that’s too many links. Just go here to see who’s attending. Sadly, Chris Fulbright and wife Angeline Hawkes won’t be there this year, which pretty well sucks, but …

… I get to see them and several others the following weekend at Texas Frightmare Weekend. I’ll only be there Saturday, after attending the Oklahoma Writers Federation conference on Friday.

I was just invited to join the folks of Darkfaery Subculture Magazine at this year’s Carnality Ball in downtown Oklahoma City. It’s at the Farmer’s Market building. This will be a first for me, and I’m not at all sure what to expect. It could get very weird. That’s why I recruited Craig Wolf to go with me. We’ll be selling and signing books along with Jackson Compton. Looks like a lot of … dance? I don’t know. You gotta be 18 to get in, though. Here’s a bit from the Web site: "Deviants and debutants, sinners and saints, exhibitionists of all shapes and sizes will be flocking to Oklahoma City to witness the wonder and spectacle and to indulge in their most carnal desires. This extravaganza of flash and flesh is not for the faint of heart."

I hope to see you at one or more of these events!

3 responses to “Conestoga and Carnality Ball”

  1. So how many people are you going to turn into werewolves this weekend?
    I know you don’t like me asking in public, but I get so excited I almost “wolf out” just thinking about my first time.

    1. Should I even ask what “first time” you’re talking about? Probably not.
      How’s the arm? Silly mama, tripping over car seats …

      1. I am not taking well to being an one-armed bandit.
        I do NOT take well to being told I can’t do things.
        As you WELL know.
        However, the pain doesn’t phase me, so that’s a good thing… except when it’s a bad thing and I should LISTEN to the pain, says physio lady. (Good news is, I didn’t fracture my wrist as well, just sprained it.)
        And no, you shouldn’t ask. If you don’t remember it, then obviously turning me into a werewolf that night didn’t mean anything to you. LOL!
        (Just trying to fish in a few more crazies for ya…)

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