Today my youngest spawn turned seven years old. He’s a good kid. Mighty ornery, though. He was not happy about the fact Mom had to work, so he didn’t get to open his presents yet. I made it up to him by taking him (and the girls) to McDonald’s, then to Wal-Mart to spend the gift card Grandma sent him. Cliched as it is … it seems just yesterday we still lived in Ponca City and he was being born. Where does the time go?

Our trip to McDonald’s was interrupted by a call from the older son, who is 17. He had his first automotive wreck today. Nothing serious. No one hurt, and only some scraped paint, but it’s something he’ll have to pay for. Guess where it happened and why. Yup, the post office, as he was mailing his state income tax forms.

I’ve made a couple of novel submission queries over the past couple of days. I haven’t done much of that for a while. I was just letting the files rot on the hard drive. I suppose I was feeling kind of dejected by the whole time-consuming process of submission and waiting and waiting and waiting and … Well, you get the idea.

As I mentioned the other day, almost 50 percent of our school is failing at least one class. Prom is this Saturday. Typically, if you’re on the ineligible list (for failing at least one class), you’re not allowed to attend prom. Because half the school is failing, the restriction has been removed this year. Is that good or bad? Hmm. This is where I’m still all Republican, baby. You can’t make the grades, you can’t grind your classmates at the prom. Of course, no one asked my opinion. At least I don’t have to deal with any girls coming to me crying because they spent hundreds of dollars on dresses and hair and crap but forgot to turn in their English homework. I have not yet become jaded enough to get past the crying girls. In most cases. There are a few I’d laugh at, but mostly I’d try to help them.

Yes, I will go to prom. I think the wife is going with me. No, I will not dance. I do not dance. And they do not play real music at proms these days, anyway. It’s like one long, monotonous synthesized beat with some grunting and spitting thrown over it. And I thought Flock of Seagulls was as bad as it could get 25 years ago …

10 responses to “Milestones”

  1. arrg submissions suck I would pay to have some one do that for me
    but to the actual point ,was their cheese on your damn hamburger?

    1. Ha! Nope, no cheese.
      If I had an agent, he’d get 15 percent to handle all that stuff. But the two agents I’ve had were … not good fits, let’s say.

  2. I’ve been submitting again to agents. The last two months have been spent waiting and wondering and basically living in turmoil.
    Have fun at prom!

    1. I think agents might be worse than publishers. I’ve been using LitMatch and have had a few agent submissions out for well over a year without a response. Did the e-mails get lost, like they often do from my server? Were the queries so bad the agent couldn’t stop laughing long enough to tell me to screw off? What happened?!?!?!
      Prom will suck, but the kids will enjoy it and it means a lot to them.

  3. A few weeks ago, I started the whole agent search again. Querytracker has been very helpful. I sent out 20 agent queries in 1 day. So far, 11 rejects, 1 partial request, and 8 still in limbo. Why do we do this to ourselves?

    1. I have no idea why. I think my time would be better served pursuing other things like laundry, dusting, and dishes.
      I sent out the same number of queries. Got about the same rejects, one partial, and several who I’ll probably never hear from. You know…that whole “you’ll hear nothing if we’re not interested.” Are we both querying the same agents? HA!

  4. ::shudders::
    Prom is scary.

    1. Yup. Kids doing things they shouldn’t even know about. Things I shouldn’t even know about.
      And I have to be all grown up and remind them not to drink and drive.

  5. I’m tellin’ ya – horror author with long hair, a wife and four kids, teaching high school (and looking down on those crazy kids’ music!) is COMEDY GOLD. The chapter or episode on the prom alone is priceless.

    1. You gonna produce and direct this show?
      Those kids from last year still want you to come down here and put them in a movie. Of course, they’ve done nothing to raise the funds, though. That might be, you know, work!

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