Feelin’ Slimy

You need to click here.

Fangoria magazine online has this article about Greg Lamberson that you need to read. Really. You see, POPcinema is going to release a two-DVD Slime City Grindhouse Collection. Slime City, of course, is Greg’s cult classic gorefest from the 1980s, and if you haven’t seen that, well … you need to get that problem rectified. The new Grindhouse set features some stuff I’m really looking forward to, like the first ever DVD release of Greg’s Undying Love, aka New York Vampire. It may have been released in 1991, and I’ve known Greg for several years now, but I haven’t seen this one yet. Also included is 1999’s Naked Fear.

Why am I telling you this? Click the link. Let Fangoria tell you. Make sure you check out the video teaser on the site.

And if you haven’t, you should read Greg’s two novels, Personal Demons (soon to be re-released) and, of course, Johnny Gruesome.

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