Warning: Political Rant

I have been pinching this off for a long time now. Today, however, I made the mistake of reading the CNN Political Ticker blog, and many of the comment to this entry about Rep. Bill Posey’s (R-Fla.) proposal to require presidential candidates to submit their birth certificates when filing for office. The comments (read the morning after finally watchin Idiocracy) were just too much.

This is not a rant about President Barak Obama. Here’s a truth I have admitted to only a few people: I crossed party lines and voted for Obama. Not because I trust him, not because I thought he was an especially good candidate, but simply because he seemed a lot better than what my own party offered up. As to the job Obama has done so far, he hasn’t been at it long enough for me to form an opinion. I agree with some things he’s done and disagree with others. I voted for him because, like Hitler, he’s a great public speaker. (What do you do with a comment like that? hehehe)

This is a rant about Democrats who will stop at nothing to bash a Republican, but cannot stand for even a whiff of criticism toward a member of his/her own party.

Here’s one sample response to the article: This is the typical crap you see from the GOP. They don’t deserve to function as an opposition party they are a band of sore looser and cry babies. Grow up and get serious our country needs a truly loyal opposition and not a talk show radio mentality.

For suggesting that a law be clarified, the Republican party does not "deserve" to function as "an opposition party." What the hell does that even mean? Does the Green party deserve to function? The Libertarians? Do Mormons deserve to function as a religion? Does GM deserve to function as a company? Who makes this determination? Oh yeah, some jackass with a computer and an Internet connection but without the ability to spell or write in standard English sentences.

Here’s an excerpt of another gem: What they [Republicans] really mean is that everyday when they wake up, they have to see a black man running the country and they just can’t stomach it. After nearly 400 years in bondage on these shores, an African American is at the top position and these idiots are having a hard time living. It’s ugly, but it’s the truth about why they are in such a frenzy over this.

Raise your hand if you remember which party produced the president who freed the slaves.

Now, granted, there are racist people in America. White and black and yellow and red and brown and … You know, like the minister who preached at the church the Obama family attended for years. But this douchebag has decided that every Republican is a racist and that our only problem with Obama is his skin color. I’m thankful for this, as I was unaware Obama’s race was supposed to matter to me. Now that I have my directive from this Democratic brain trust, I will immediatly don my white sheet and hood, light up a cross and march on the White House. Please forgive me for not doing so sooner, but, as this genius points out, I am an idiot.

As to being in a frenzy, if this guy had read the CNN article without his filter of hate he would have seen that Posey submitted his bill "without fanfare." I actually wasn’t aware that Obama’s place of birth was an issue, but apparently it is. Posey says he simply wanted to avoid having citizenship be an issue in the future. He says, "This bill, by simply requiring such documentation for future candidates for President will remove this issue as a reason for questioning the legitimacy of a candidate elected as President." Maybe he’s being honest there, maybe he is motivated by some anti-Obama sentiment. I don’t know the man and lack the ability to see into his heart.

Here’s my favorite comment, though:  Posey is simply one more narcissistic repub who wishes to nullify the will of the majority by use of worn-out and moronic propoganda techniques.

Based on that, I’m sure this Dem is fine with the states that passed legislation to ban gay marriage. Hey, it was majority rule. We should also roll back a lot of the Civil Rights legislation because, you know, it did not have majority support in most Southern states.

There are irrational, rabid people in both political parties. They all need to be called out, not that logic means anything to them, but just to show the quiet bystanders that there are some calmer voices out there. Ten or twelve years ago I would have been all over this kind of stuff. Now, I usually just don’t care. I firmly believe as Robert E. Howard did, that the barbarians will always be there, hammering away until civilization falls. Like Rome, America will crumble from the inside out and when we are too paralyzed by in-fighting to do anything else we will be overrun by outsiders. Probably outsiders we have allowed to illegally enter our country, but maybe that’s a rant for another time.

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