Little Graveyard shipping Feb. 19

I got an e-mail from Roy at Bad Moon Books today, letting me know that Little Graveyard on the Prairie has shipped from the printer. He’ll have copies on Feb. 18 and will be shipping them out to customers the next day.

Have you ordered yours?

It isn’t too late to get one of these limited edition hardcover novellas. What, you need some blurbage to help you open the wallet? Okay.

Horror Drive-in says: Little Graveyard on the Prairie takes place in Oklahoma, the state that Steven Wedel calls his home. He seems to know the land he describes in intimate detail. It’s in his blood, apparently. I sense a personal kinship between the writer and the soil in the story. The soil in Little Graveyard on the Prairie is richly described, but as another good writer once noted, “The soil of a man’s heart is stonier”. In Wedel’s story, the land is barren and the soil of the lead character’s heart is also dead. said: ‘Little Graveyard on the Prairie’ begins with one of those nice heartrending scenes that could either be in a Hallmark movie or a horror movie. Harley Shaw is having reality problems, but they’re the least of his problems. With his family gone, his hopes for big money from Big Oil down the toilet, Harley’s made the unwise decision to turn his little family farm into an “all natural” graveyard. The consequences will be far more immediate than heartrending.

Kim Paffenroth said it is, “A touching tale of pain and madness. Wedel’s voice is one of the most intelligent and moving I’ve read lately, and I’m now looking forard to many more such works by him.” (By the way, Kim’s new book Dying to Live: Life Sentence is something you gotta get. It’s the sequel to Dying to Live, one of the best zombie novels ever.)

FearZone called it “…moving, chilling, and rather stunning…” adding “Little Graveyard on the Prairie is yet another fine offering from Bad Moon Books, and further evidence that Steven E. Wedel is a truly gifted author whose works should be on the TBR lists of all serious readers.” FearZone also listed the book on it’s “Favorite Fears of 2008” list.

Trust me, this is what your sweetheart wants for Valentine’s Day.

One response to “Little Graveyard shipping Feb. 19”

  1. Tales of pain and madness rule! That’s the real dynamic story duo.

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