Those year-end lists

No, I’m not doing one. Right now my only list would be: 10 Most Futile Things I Said to Students.

However, Greg Lamberson did an ambitious Editor’s Picks over at, covering his Favorite Fears of 2008. I am humbled to find not one, but TWO of my own books listed there, with very kind commentary, too. Greg obviously spent a lot more time watching movies and reading books than me this year, but of the things I saw/read, I pretty well agree with his opinion. Go check it out and see if you agree.

As an aside, work on The GIrls Nobody Wanted to Date is finally back on track. This is mostly due to energy left over from a super secret project I can’t talk about yet. I rewrote the 60+ pages I had, changing it from first person past tense to first person present tense and fixing a whole bunch of mistakes and inconsistencies. A year ago I never would have believed I even could write in present tense, let alone would choose to do so. Carrie Jones, this is your fault! Anyway, I’m up to 97 pages, which is a bit over 20,000 words, and chugging right along.

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