Jocasta was trailer trash

I love those AP kids!

We read the last 3/4 of Oedipus Rex today in both my AP Literature and Composition classes. Fifth period (last one of the day) is mostly show choir girls. Most of them had a part to read, even if it was taking turns reading the chorus lines. A couple of them decided to do accents while they read. The girl doing Jocasta read as some kind of redneck trailer trash and I swear I was almost crying at one point. Another girl was reading chorus parts as a retarded British woman, and the whole time some of the other choir girls were randomly echoing words in song. I could barely stop laughing long enough to stop the narrative and go over the various aspects I wanted to discuss.

My regular English IV class started A Tale of Two Cities today. That’s going to be interesting. "We have to read this whole thing?" Yeah.

2 responses to “Jocasta was trailer trash”

  1. Tale of Two Cities
    Hey, when I was in ninth grade, my teacher had us read Tale of Two Cities out loud in turn. Classic, yes? And when I sat down to write Eternal (Candlewick, 2009) and I thought about power structures and rebellion and vamps with a serious beheading phobia and redemption and my thematic structure…I started nodding to Tale in a major way. The ARC is out any minute now. Can I see about getting you one? Maybe for a contemporary-to-classics dynamic?

    1. Re: Tale of Two Cities
      Cynthia, I’d LOVE to have an ARC of Eternal! The contemporary-to-classics angle should be interesting to them, and I know a lot of them would be interested in your work. Here’s the address:
      Western Heights High School
      Attn: Steve Wedel
      8201 SW 44th
      Oklahoma City, OK 73179
      Book Club meets tomorrow and we’ll finally set a date for the raffle that includes the book and goodies you sent a while back. Thanks again for that!

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