The Beast Within is out

Dear Beasts & Babes Magazine,

First, I sure want to thank you for the service you provide. I love the articles and pictures. I had no idea this here kind of magazine existed. Thank God for Google!! Anyhoo, after reading about those hot babes what liked German shepherd love, I thought maybe if you printed up this letter for me it would help me find a woman that likes furry loving.

–0– –0– –0– –0– –0– –0– –0– –0– –0– –0– –0– –0– –0– –0– –0–

That’s the beginning to my story “Okie Werewolf Seeks Love,” which is available as of today in The Beast Within anthology from Graveside Tales. My story is about a redneck werewolf who writes to a fetish magazine after his girlfriend decides she just can’t put up with him anymore after he gets himself turned into a werewolf.

I don’t know all the authors in the book, but the fact it has Gary A. Braunbeck and William D. Carl should be enough for anyone. I’ve read several of the stories in the book and I can tell you they’re pretty good. I think you’ll like it.

The price of the book is $16.95.

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