Ulrik review and an interview

"…Ulrik may be the finest werewolf novel I’ve read."

That’s what Greg Lamberson (glamberson ) had to say about the most recent installment of The Werewolf Saga in a review posted today at Fear Zone. It’s a very, very kind review. I do have to take the … credit … for the ending of Ulrik. It wasn’t a publisher decision. I thought it felt rushed, too, but wasn’t sure how to fix it.

It’s a good day to talk about me online, I guess. The fabulous Carrie Jones (carriejones ) posted an interview she did with me for the Thru the Tollbooth blog she contributes to. We talk about how to build suspense. She’s doing a series of posts on suspense this week, and she interviews more coherent people than me most of the time.

I got the galleys and completed cover for Little Graveyard on the Prairie yesterday. Roy wanted the cover tweaked just a little. When that happens and he send me the update I’ll post it.

One response to “Ulrik review and an interview”

  1. I’m so glad you arfe getting good reviews. Also, loved your book trailers on Youtube. Really good.

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