Help an inner city school?

I teach English at Western Heights High School in Oklahoma City. I’m the sponsor of the school’s book club, too. We recently got school board sanctioning to have the club and an expense account, but they didn’t give us any seed money. We’re looking for ways to raise money without any money to spend. To that end, I thought I would ask some authors if they’d be willing to donate a signed book to be put into one or two tote bags and raffled off to students, faculty and staff of the school, with all the money going toward book club activities and expenses.

If you’re interested, you could send books to:

Western Heights High School
c/o Steve Wedel
8201 SW 44th
Oklahoma City, OK 73179

Thank you to anyone who donates. The kids will really appreciate it. They’re a good group.

10 responses to “Help an inner city school?”

  1. You got it–unless the material is inappropriate?

    1. Pfft. I don’t think so. And even if it was, that would just make it more attractive to the kids. Trust me, I’ve seen them reading more objectionable stuff Thanks!

  2. Could we just contribute old fashioned American cash directly into the fund?

    1. Probably, but I’ll have to check on that. I’m new at this sponsorship/fundraising bit. I’ll let you know.

  3. Incoming…
    Ah, I have a soft spot for Okie City!
    Be on the lookout! I’m sending a TANTALIZE prize package–signed copy, plus Sanguini’s T-shirt, and I’ll toss in some signed bookmarks for the kids.

    1. Re: Incoming…
      Thanks Cynthia! I know the kids will love TANTALIZE.

  4. I have some great unread books I scored at BEA this year. I’d be happy to send them toward the raffle (since my book isn’t out until November) or for donation toward the library itself.
    Is that okay?

    1. That would be great! Thanks!!

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